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Sexual Harassment: Workplace Issues

Sexual Harassment: Workplace Issues

Looking for a good workplace training program for a reasonable price? "Sexual Harassment: Workplace Issues" originally signed for distribution in six countries and the package sold for $200 per copy! Your company can now own a copy for a fraction of that price!

Guitarist's Notebook Guitarist's Tablature Book

The "Guitarist's Notebook" and "Guitarist's Tablature Book" are excellent music journals for students, teachers and working guitarists! Each book features 200 pages of blank music paper for you to write lessons, take notes, jot down arrangements or compose your own music.

The "Guitarist's Notebook" features four guitar neck diagrams and six music staves on each page. The guitar necks are a light enough gray so your notes can be read easily, whether you are writing with pen or pencil. The "Guitarist's Tablature Book" features four combined music and tablature staves per page, allowing you to write in both tablature and standard notation.

Click on the book you want for information and ordering. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please use the contact form on this page to send us an email. Both books are also available at

Guitarist's Notebook

Guitarist's Tablature Book

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